It’s really easy to customise your kid’s bag at Fresh Honey. Just drag the letters or icons you would like to use onto the picture of the bag. We'll STRAIGHTEN and CENTRE


Your name! Your initials! Fun words! Customise your own bag with Fresh Honey. Our bags make the perfect personalised gifts for kids!
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Personalised Bags FAQ

What are some tips for designing my child’s personalised bag?

There's nothing cuter than a little kid carrying around their very own personalised bag. It's like they're saying, "this is my style and I'm sticking to it!" But as any parent knows, kids can be pretty particular when it comes to their belongings.

So how do you make sure you're getting them a bag that they'll love - and actually use?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Go for something bright and colourful. Kids love bags that stand out from the crowd. And let's be honest, it makes it easier for you to spot them in a crowded place!
  2. Make sure it's functional. A personalised bag should have enough room for all of your child's essentials - whether that's a water bottle, a change of clothes or their favourite toy. Our premium backpacks are the perfect option for kids today who have busy schedules filled with sports, activities, and friends!
  3. Keep it personal. Add your child's name or initials to the bag so they know it's theirs and they'll be more likely to take good care of it.
  4. Get them involved in the process. Let your child pick out the colour of the fabric or design for their bag. They'll be much more likely to use it if they have a say in how it looks!

With these tips in mind, you're sure to find the perfect personalised bag for your little one - and make them the envy of all their friends.

We offer delivery Australia-wide, so shop our collections of customisable bags today!

How do I order your personalised kids’ bags?

As far as accessories go, a practical tote, backpack or camera bag with a strap is perfect for helping your child keep track of their belongings. Our bags are made from very good quality materials and our patches and letters are made with cotton embroidery and self-adhesive backing.

To place your order you will need to head to our Customise It Customise It page and choose the perfect design. You can choose from custom tote bags, backpacks, camera or two-way small bags!

How do I wash or maintain my child’s personalised bag?

To keep your child's personalised bag in good condition, you should regularly wipe down the outside with a damp cloth. If the bag gets dirty on the inside, you can spot clean it with a mild soap and water solution.You can also throw it in the washing machine if it’s really dirty - just be sure it’s empty first and wash with similar colours or on its own. With proper care, your child's personalised bag should last for many years.

For more customer care tips on maintaining your child’s personalised bag, contact us today at and we will try to be in touch within 24 hours!