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Step-by-step explainer



We are so excited you have found us at Fresh Honey! 

Read here or watch the VIDEO above:

1. Head to the "Customise It" page / Click on the main image on the home page / Shop bags and click Customise it.

2. Choose your bag, choose your colour, then click on Letters or Icons and drag the colour letter you want over to the bag.

3. A pop up box will appear and you choose which letter you want from that colour family. Then drag the letter where you want it on your bag.

4. Patches must have a 3cm border from the edge for us to be able to sew them on.

Easy huh!

If you have trouble please chat with us or email with a photo of your issue.

5. We'll sew the letters into place as close as we can to your specifications. 

6. We send your customised bag out to you! 

7. Please expect two weeks from when you order to your bag being sent out. All bags are personally customised by our expert sewing team! 

8. If there is any issue with the placement of your letters, we'll be in touch via email. If you have any questions, please email us on or use the chat bot and hopefully we'll be on at that time. 

9. Happy dream bag making!