How do I customise a bag? 

There are a few ways to get there!

1. Head to the "Customise It" page / Click on the main image on the home page / Shop bags and click Customise it.

2. Choose your bag, choose your colour, then click on Letters or Icons and drag the colour letter you want over to the bag.

3. A pop up box will appear and you choose which letter you want from that colour family. Then drag the letter where you want it on your bag.

4. Patches must have a 3cm border from the edge for us to be able to sew them on.

Easy huh!

If you have trouble please chat with us or email with a photo of your issue. 

Does sewing the patches on cost extra?

No, we don't charge extra for sewing. Our expert team of sewers will position the letters nice n straight for you and sewing makes the placement permanent. 

Is there another option to stick on patches? 

Our letters come with adhesive backing so you can buy the bags and then buy the patches separately and use the adhesive to stick on if you like. However our experience tells us this is not a permanent solution. We only guarantee the patches won't come off when they are sewn on by us. 

Adhesive patches work really well on flat, solid surfaces like the Marnie Camera Bag, but not on soft bags like the Lola Tote Bag. 

Can I buy the bags on their own, without customising? 

Yes you can! Just add to cart and purchase without customising.

Can I buy the patches on their own, without a bag? 

Yes, you can! Feel free to stick onto anything you like - they're excellent for hard, flat surfaces (hint: phone covers!)

What if I don't like the end result of my bag? 

Because our online customiser is so well designed, you will be able to preview your design before you order it, and we take your order for approval. For that reason we can't return bags that have already been customised. 

What if I change my mind on the patches design after I have ordered it? 

Once you place your order it begins a whole series of steps in our back end fulfilment process. We take your order as final approval of your bag design.

If we have already started designing and permanently sewing your patches on, then we can't change your order. Please review your design carefully before purchasing.

What if my bag is not what I ordered? 

When you order, our expert team will check your design to double confirm it's possible to do.

We can't place patches onto the sides of bag for example, and all patches must fit within the 3cm of the border so we are able to permanently place them onto the bag.

If your design doesn't have these specs, we'll email you to let you know of the changes we're making to your design so that it's possible to do it. We will do it as close to your design as humanly possible! 

If we've simply made a mistake with your patches, you'll be eligible for a refund/ redo of your bag. 

What if I absolutely love my bag? 

Good question (and usually the most common response). Order another one! Get one for your friends! Take a photo and tag us on social @freshhoneyco! We love being social :)