Welcome to Fresh Honey! We are so excited you've found us! 

We are two people in love - with each other and with our bags and with Australia. We decided to create this rainbow filled world called Fresh Honey to bring more joy and spread more love throughout the globe! 

We have two daughters, whose names you will see all over our social pages (yes, they have a lot of bags and were the inspiration and real-life testing team for so many of our products!)

We're based in Sydney's Bondi Beach and we love to travel. We also have a dog, she's a Beaglier (beagle cross cavalier). You may see her pop up on social from time to time but hopefully I'll be talked out of permanently sewing her name onto bags! Don't tempt us with a dog range request! 

Thanks for joining us at Fresh Honey. We are forever grateful for your presence and hope you love what we do as much as we do! 


Nedahl & Barney